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About time you say? Being friends with and fans of Netherlands truest purveyors of the riff since their and our earliest days it was about time to steer their ship into our harbour. Now it finally happened. Just like Exile On Mainstream this collective from Oss, The Netherlands has been exploring the edges and the centre of the Rock Universe since 1999. Influenced by legendary classic rock acts such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Thin Lizzy and Blue Cheer, Astrosoniq know no boundaries and no sonic trip is too far out.

3 years in the making a new album effort now sees the light of day and the “Wizards Of Oss” set a new pace to their neverending trip into the realms of rock history and presence. With being far away from nodding their heads to redundant “retro” attitudes they take the ingredients from history as well as modern approaches to the power of the riff, stir it up in a state-of-the-art-production and have it shimmer straight into your gut.  Knee-deep in space jam wonderland they wander through the tides of contemporary rock with both eyes open staring at tomorrow’s horizon. This whole attitude wraps up in 10 anthems of  sheer class, matured in the finest oak casks for 10 years of band history, unearthend in a 3 years process of songwriting and recording in their own Torture Garden studio. This is Astrosoniq at their absolute best yet and we can’t even think how they could peak this effort in the future. Pummeling drum work, pounding basslines, powerful riffing, effect-ladden vocals are still the hallmark of Astrosoniq 2009 while they move one step further into darkness. More experimental and challenging than ever before they explore new territories of angst without losing focus for excellent songwriting.

Live Astrosoniq are still a class of their own, numerous tours/gigs with the likes of Clutch, Hawkwind, Gorefest, Stone Sour, Orange Goblin, The Answer, Q.O.T.S.A., Monster Magnet among others have proven that as well as Astrosoniq being the only band who played the infamous Roadburn Festival three times so far.