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Confusion Master

Dubbing themselves as “Electric Sabbath action Doom deep down soaked in a time spiral measuring equal parts 70ies Sabbath proto rock riffage in a loop scheme backbeat groove formula and tritonous stoner weed” Confusion Master have been brought to life in Autumn 2015 right at the northern misty shores of Rostock/ Germany by the Baltic Sea.

Confusion Master is a band – 4 guys, drawn from Punk and Metal circuits, sharing their love for sound, misanthrophy, D.I.Y. values and vintage gear. The members have earned merits in underground stalwart hordes such as CYNESS, WOJCZECH, BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS and AEQUATORKAELTE – this alone should give you a hindsight towards the fact that we are not talking a bunch of greenhorns here but a band that has vision and attitude.

In 2016 Confusion Master started touring in support for bands like Dopethrone, Crowskin, Bongzilla, Beehoover and labelmates Black Shape Of Nexus. To date the band has played well over 40 shows and more (lots more) are already booked for 2018 in company with Southern Lord-recording artists LIKE RATS.

Confusion Master are about to release their debut album in early April 2018 – its main focus will represent the band’s attitude: condensation and reduction to what is really important and, musically, creates a well-focussed sound: existentialism and escapism.

The album will be called “Awaken” and will feature a 45mins long vinyl LP containing 4 tracks. The LP will contain a CD version of these tracks and 3 more bonus songs which will later be released on vinyl as limited edition split records with other bands to keep the band’s release politics an ongoing venture.

The LP/CD pack will be brought to life by your own Exile On Mainstream in close connection with Japanese BONTEN Records who also will release a CD only-version on their own.

confusion master is
mathias klein- bass
stephan gottwald- drums
gunnar arndt- guitars/ fx
stephan kurth- guitars/ fx/ vocals


(all dates w/ Like Rats)

  • 07/09/18 GER Potsdam Kachel

  • 08/09/18 GER Leipzig UT Connewitz Worship The Riff Fest

  • 09/09/18 GER Weimar Gerber 3

  • 10/09/18 CZ Prague 007

  • 11/09/18 HU Budapest DĂĽrer Kert

  • 12/09/18 GER Munich Sunny Red

  • 13/09/18 HELP NEEDED!

  • 14/09/18 NL Eindhoven Bloodshed

  • 15/09/18 GER Berlin Swamp Fest

  • 16/09/18 GER Hamburg Hafenklang