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Tiger Beat



Tiger Beat are the real dukes of Hamburg and they are ready to spread their stripped-down Bloooz over your drowsy world of repetitive bleeps and clicks. This is real, baby! No need to tell you that this threepiece is as handsome as real rock´n´rollers could to be. Yess, they´re young and good looking and they got style. Imagine the white suit of Nash Kato worn with the gaiter shoes of Andre Williams, head topped with the white hat Cab Calloway used to wear and you´re not even close. tigerBeat played as male models one show for the Hamburg suit designer Herr Eden – if this isn´t saying it all! And its exactly like they sound: one foot deep in bluesy guitar tradition, the other one kicked high into Pop heaven.

Not unlike Jon Spencer on the Orange Remixes record tigerBeat combine archaic go-for-it-Trash with Casio-electronics and create the typical tigerBeat style of Rawwk – stylish and sexy as Clark Gables moustach in “Gone With The Wind” (wuuuaaah!) These guys have been playing their asses off within the last years that much that they even couldn´t find any time to record an album. But kicked by the friendly folks at Exile On Mainstream and drunk from a huge amphetamine coctail they locked themselves in a studio and brought this masterpiece of an album on harddisc.

No.1″ captures their enormous live energy and their unbeatable songwriting. Filled with teen angst and the power of unlucky love they present themselves as the Salvation Army of today´s rock. They are real, honest and rockin´. There would be no excuse for all you lonesome greasers out there! Not the White Stripes and of course not the Strokes! tigerBeat is the real deal. Taste it and find yerself addicted!