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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We don’t accept applications or submissions. Exile On Mainstream is not signing at the moment and certainly not based on a demo submission or a myspace, bandcamp, soundcloud, etc. link. We are old school. We believe in karma. And friendship. And live experience. If your band is meant to release on Exile On Mainstream our paths will cross some day. We enjoy the vibe of discovering bands and not being presented to us.  Just let it happen and don’t try to force it! Hey, we did this here. The fact you came here shows us we have done something right. We are visible, we are public. That’s probably what you are looking for with sending an application to us. So here’s our suggestion: create something like this yourself. Team up with friends and start a label, a network, a booking agency and a PR department and do it like we did it. You’re gonna make much more money and will gain much more public interest than if we would do this for you.


Exile On Mainstream


Andreas Kohl
Friedrich-Engels-Straße 68
14822 Borkheide

T +49 (0) 33845 900130
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VAT ID No.: DE 215151833