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RISING – To Solemn Ash

mainstream record fifty-five

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available on CD in a high-glossy 4panel digifile with booklet and on 180 g LP in a gatefold cover  (LP is limited to 500 copies)

Lock away your dogs! But bring the kids out, because here’s something to learn for generations to come and for yourself as well – something about Metal, about honesty, drive, a vision – all headlined by bold letters commencing the phrase ‘how it should be done’. Exile On Mainstream presents: RISING. Basically the first pure Metal band on the label, manifesting a step for us into a direction we always admired but it took a band like them Danish dudes to drop by and convince us that this door needs to be stepped through for us.

After having released a 4track EP and a single, RISING embarked into the studio in spring 2011 and recorded “To Solemn Ash” with producer extraordinnaire Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Lack, Trust, Obstacles, a.o.). The result are 10 tracks fuelled by an overwhelming feel for efficient riffing, driving energy and hook-ladden bow before the forefathers of Hard Rock and Metal: Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc and also grimmer stuff like Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Metallica, Celtic Frost. This all presented with an urgency and originality that puts them in and out of every possible category. If one should bow down to categorizing, in their modern aproach to the classic metal virtues of savage energy, monstrous riffing and organic, analogue sounds, the band finds allies in aggressive sludgy bands like High On Fire, Kylesa and Mastodon.

Combining brutally tight guitar work and drums, topped by vocals and lyrics, which take you more than one step away from your usual themes and topics, RISING set their mark to the current music scene with a boom. Lyricist and vocalist Henrik Waldemar Hald explains: “Mortality and the numerous meanings and feelings associated with the inevitable end to the circle of life have always held a special place in the minds of those still living. To Solemn Ash addresses the intricate connection between past and present; how we live on a foundation build by those who have passed away and how the interconnectedness between them and us has a significant influence on what we carry with us in life – what we pass on to future generations. This transcendental structure of life and death is not only anchored in cultural manifestations such as burials and other rituals of honoring and remembering but delves in all of us as a basic human instinct. It is essentially a tool to find meaning within in a seemingly meaningless world. It helps us to treasure our bond to family and friends and acknowledge its value in the face of time passing and life ending.”

This approach got illustrated perfectly by the work of artworker Jakob Printzlau aka Plastic Kid, who has been doing videos and artwork for numerous acts such as Volbeat, Veto, Kashmir, The Fashion etc.

And here we are: “To Solemn Ash” is born and ready to move out the parents house. While it comes knocking at your door, you better let it come in for both, a good party and a profound discurse about what music still has to add to our lifestyle.

1. Mausoleum
2. Sea of Basalt
3. The Vault
4. Cohorts Rise
5. Hunter’s Crown
6. Through the Eyes of Catalysis
7. Under Callous Wings
8. Passage
9. Heir to the Flames
10. Seven Riders

Release Dates:
23 September 2011 (Germany)
24 October 2011 (Europe + UK)
end of January 2012 (USA)