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mainstream record fourty-four

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3 years in the making a new album effort now sees the light of day and the “Wizards Of Oss” set a new pace to their neverending trip into the realms of rock history and presence. With being far away from nodding their heads to redundant “retro” attitudes they take the ingredients from history as well as modern approaches to the power of the riff, stir it up in a state-of-the-art-production and have it shimmer straight into your gut.  Knee-deep in space jam wonderland they wander through the tides of contemporary rock with both eyes open staring at tomorrow’s horizon. This is Astrosoniq at their absolute best yet. More experimental and challenging than ever before they explore new territories of angst without losing focus for excellent songwriting.

Special guests on the album are former Astrosoniq bass player Erik De Vocht (lead vox on 5), Tres Manos/Rene van Barneveld (ex-Urban Dance Squad) on pedal steel (2,6) and the whole band Zeus on 7′ ,a unique mash-up composition that can be heard in stereo as a whole but also left and right channel separately.

1. Faustian Bargain
2. Cloud Of Decay
3. As Soon As They Got Airborne
4. Play It Straight
5. Lured
6. Bloom
7. Zero
8. Downfall Lover
9. Bored
10. Sin

ReleaseDate: 25 January 2010