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BEEHOOVER – Heavy Zooo

mainstream record thirty-five

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Lock away your children and send away your mother in law: the HEAVY ZOOO is coming to town. Freaks, wonders and Animalia curiosities! They´re here, they´re real and they´re alive! Come ogle at the nine-headed sword-swallowing dragon, seek advice on your own impending apocalypse from the prophecy machine, but proceed with great care as the two-piece riff-machine called BEEHOOVER comes firing ten new, hot molten rocks of doom, metal and stoner rock into an astonished crowd near you! Their performances on tour with THE HIDDEN HAND and STINKING LIZAVETA in 2007 left audiences with mouths gaping and the band overdosing on adrenaline, which they channelled straight into their new album. It´s raw and angry, it makes you wanna smash your mothers´ favourite china and roll on the floor laughing at the same time.

“Heavy Zooo” combines these emotions and won´t leave much time for taking breath. It´s complex, yet it makes you dance. It´s four on the floor but it´s not disco. It´s progressive but still pure rock for the masses. Unconventional circumstances helped in its creation: the album was written at 6am over a couple of weeks, then recorded and produced in a cinema before being mixed at the bands´ own studio. The surreal artwork has been chosen to meet the sound of the album perfectly. Have a look at it and you´ll know how it sounds!

1. Solitude in Bloom
2. Heavy Zooo
3. Pain Power
4. Esophagus Overdrive
5. Spirit And Crown
6. My Funeral Procession
7. I Desert
8. Dance Like a Volcano
9. Stanislav Petrov

Release Date: April 25th, 2008


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