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BOMBEE – Black Keys

mainstream record fourty-six

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Twelve songs, 68 minutes. Bombee is Boris Kaiser (ex-Volt), Phillipp Roeder (FLU.ID), Alexandre DeFlandre and Markus Altmann. The band are joined by Hannah Murray (Wive, AWITN) on two tracks. This is the third full-length release for the band and the first on Exile on Mainstream.

BOMBEE didn’t rise from the ashes of VOLT and FLU.ID but is a complementary outlet for Boris Kaiser (ex-VOLT-drummer and cajon & keys in Bombee) and Roeder (bass in FLU.ID & CELAN and acoustic guitar in Bombee) to lay focus.

With the addition of Alexandre DeFlandre and Markus Altmann on cello, Bombee take the challenge of sparse instrumentation leading into suspense and intensity.

With two albums already under their belt they now have found their path. Black Keys can be classified as effort by a band that has found what they were looking for in the creation of this record.

Joined by Hannah Murray (Ex-A WHISPER IN THE NOISE- and WIVE) on two songs, Black Keys is an acoustic compendium of the highest-quality soulfulness.

Track Listing
1. Feel When You Fail
2. Wasted Time To Say
3. Black Keys
4. The Favourite
5. Hoefner
6. Stop
7. Pending Room
8. Sad and Gone
9. G
10. Nocturne
11. Funeral Walk
12. Hold Me Tight

Release Date: 28 may 2010