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DŸSE – Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution

mainstream record fourty-three

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One of Europe’s most crushing live bands is set to lay waste again over your stereo. The wait has been long but here it is: “Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution” (Songs Are Brothers Of The Revolution) – their new effort, released simulteneously on wax and Makrolon. And how does it sound? Well, if you are expecting the usual reference coordinates here and a categorization you can wait until judgement day! We are not doing your job. You tell us! All we know is that even on the first listen we got rolled over by the class this twopiece has gained over the last couple of years and constant touring – they played well over 300 shows so far, numerous festivals like the infamous ROADBURN 2009 included, where they won over the crowd in one strike and made beer-fuelled rockers from all over the world dance like chickens on a hot platter. Crushing walls of noise collide with an Avantgarde-approach like you never heard before.

All this wrapped up in a sense of humor and THIS straight-up “Fuck You and everything” – attitude one could only wish for. There is of course guitars and drums but also trumpet and keyboards on this album, channeled into groove that will make your hips swing automatically and your head nod. The multilingual lyrics add a special sense of humor AND message to it. Never before have the boys been so steep with setting their words. With this album a new approach has risen: DYSE speak out! Would you listen, please?

Aside from all that the sound needs to be mentioned. Hey, this is a record info and it would be incomplete without highlighting the awesome job the producer has done, innit? Well, here we go: Guido Lucas, head of Blubox studio squared the circle and managed to capture the live power of this band – it’s all there, the blasting heavyness, the walls of sound but also the hurting silence and stop-and-go structures that have become their trademark. We all know how crucial it can be to achieve this goal for a band mostly known for their live power. Mission accomplished here.

And now for the business: this record is our proposal for a vote of confidence: you wanna be our friend and be associated with the elite family circle of Exile On Mainstream? This is your prospect test number one. Go, love this album and preach it to your neighbours. Be there when the boys head into town on their big-assed 6-weeks tour supporting this album and further live shows after that. HYPE! we say!

The album will be released as a strictly limited edition (777 units) in a KidZ Case – available only through the EOM website and the band on tour, as a normal DigiFile edition and limited (500 units) on 180gms pure virgin vinyl in a beautiful hand-silkscreened cover.


Release Date: 9th October 2009