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DŸSE – s/t

mainstream record twenty-seven

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Artificial colours and pictures rule the grey society. Behind their walls people decay. Happy GAGA is the rhythm of perdition on every channel. Brain off – credit card on! Please confirm your binarycode!100110100001110101101011Bytes and genes and no plan? No where to turn for help? THERE IS NOW! Time has come for DŸSE. Fearlessly, they approach you. Ready to fight. Instruments, noise and notes lash out AGAINST the dumb reality – the acoustic mirror of the grey mask – the booming feedback of a generation. Distortion – anger – love – cool running and hip swinging or hard hitting. There they are – STRAIGHT AHEAD! These guys represent what we all think society needs: TOTAL RENOVATION!

DŸSE (pronounced doo-ze) was formed in 2003 in Amsterdam by Dietrich and Jari after meeting in front of the Dysecatmotel. Both creatively-minded, they were and still are also active in several other bands (Rodeo Queen and VOLT being the most renowned among them). Dozens of shows followed over the next few years providing DŸSE´s extraterrestrial ability move crowds and drive fully packed venues absolutely MENTAL HELL NUTS CRAZY. Their music crushes boundaries and provokes terror, ironic aggression and hysteric laughter. They only seem to be here to kill all imaginable standards.

DŸSE do not serve up clichés, but open new horizons while creating an atmosphere were senses define the reception of tones and content. After each shredding live performance and the ever increasing demand for an album, it was time to get in the studio. Now here they are in all their glory: their first full-length release that will make you DANCE!

1. Underlaydisk
2. Zwartepieten
3. Monstermann
4. Mannausgold
5. Rytmus
6. Doccode
7. Wokkk
8. Wolke

Release Date: March 23rd 2007


RELEASE  DŸSE – Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution