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OBELYSKKH – White Lightnin’

mainstream record fifty-nine

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available on CD in a high-glossy varnished 4panel digifile and on 180 g Double LP in a gatefold LP cover  (LP is limited to 500 copies)

LP contains download coupon for the whole album incl. the non-LP tracks “The Enochian Keys” and “Abysmal Desert Cavern”

“White Lightning” is a monstrous pound of sonic heaviness, psychedelic approaches and emotional riffage – ingredients that, if mixed together with love for the music can bring stunning results. Like here. OBELYSKKH fear no boundaries and no flavour of the heavy: “White Lightning” draws from pure sludge filth through psychedelic soundscapes into postrock and back. Sure, this album is heavy and massive but it also breathes some kinda repetitive mantra-like ambition, which clears the air here and there and thus declines total negativity.

„White Lightning“ was recorded, mixed and mastered in winter 2010/2011 by the late great BILLY ANDERSON (Sleep, Neurosis, Mr. Bungle, Eyehategod, High On Fire, Melvins – to name a few) providing the record a raw live sound that gives you a hint to what an immense experience it is to witness OBELYSKKH live – clearly something you shouldn’t miss.


01 The Enochian Keys (CD only)
02 Elegy
03 The White Lightning
04 Mount Nysa
05 Amphetamine Animal
06 Abysmal Desert Cavern (CD only)
07 Invocation To The Old Ones

Release Dates:
28 September 2012 (Germany)
8 October (Europe + UK)
16 Octobar (USA)