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DARSOMBRA – Climax Community

mainstream record sixty-one

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“Climax Community”, Darsombra’s 2012 release on Exile on Mainstream Records, brings Daniloski’s familiar epic arrangements, with a different feel of dynamics and speed than his previous efforts – but don’t be mislead: with 3 songs and clocking in at 45 minutes, this is a record to dive into and exist within.  The first track, “Roaming the Periphery” is a 23-minute opus of vast vocal swells and guitar pilgrimages, a full meal in itself, leaving the listener stimulated and soothed – this sort of psychedelic experience doesn’t recreate the effects of drugs; the music is the drug.  “Roaming the Periphery” induces in a perfect state for absorbing the following acoustic track, “Green”, and the final, 18-minute, mind-melting, wordlessly-storytelling, and furious-in-5/4 track, “Thunder Thighs”.  The inclusion of “Green”, the short, earthy, acoustic piece between the two time-giants of the record, is a wise one: it reminds the listener that this isn’t the great mountain-monster from Fantasia’s “Night on Bald Mountain” creating these aural sagas – but rather, a man with a practice, on his guitar, everyday, from now to the horizon.

A climax community is “a biological community of plants and animals which, through the process of ecological succession — the development of vegetation in an area over time — has reached a steady state,” says good old Wikipedia.  “Climax Community” is a record by Darsombra, built and hewn from time, practice, and re-arrangement of one’s life for the love of creative journey to other planets through music.

Both LP and CD will be released with a direct link to the visual part of this project which shall be watched while listening to the album.

And here are the visuals. Please enter the password you find in your CD or LP packaging. Enjoy the transcendental mood of DARSOMBRA’s Climax Community:

Roaming the Periphery from Exile On Mainstream Records on Vimeo.

Green from Exile On Mainstream Records on Vimeo.

Thunder Thighs from Exile On Mainstream Records on Vimeo.


01 Roaming The Periphery
02 Green
03 Thunder Thighs

Release Dates:
7 September 2012 (Germany)
10 September (Europe + UK)
16 October 2012 (USA)