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mainstream record thirty-two

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Exile On Mainstream is not a label easily pigeonholed, yet there´s a spirit running through connecting each artist, a strong connection towards harder tunes and slow moving rock perhaps? Whatever it is, Exile arepurveyors of true underground music with a strong DIY identity. Presented here on Worship The Riff is a selection of Exile´s releases, past and present. We´ve got some old stuff from Ostinato, End Of Level Boss, Hidden Hand, some new stuff from Voodooshock, Spitting Off Tall Buildings, We Insist!, Beyond Vengeance, and some previously unreleased tracks from Dÿse and Beehoover.

01. Dyse – Senge
02. Beehoover – Pioneer
03. End Of Level Boss – Vivid
04. Ostinato – Jagganath
05. Hidden Hand – Coffin Lilly
06. Place Of Skulls – Masters Of Jest
07. End Of Level Boss – Mr. Dinosaur Is Lost
08. Voodooshock – Feeding Flames With Letters
09. Beehoover – Damn You, Charlie Brown
10. Volt – Al Salaam
11. Ostinato – Volant
12. Spitting Off Tall Buildings – Let You Go
13. Dyse – Wokkk
14. A Whisper In The Noise – Armament
15. We Insist! – Seclusion
16. Beyond Vengeance – Barbie Vergewaltigung

Release Date: November 5th 2007