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flu.ID – Iots

mainstream record thirty-three

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This band has been high on our wishlist for a while and after we saw them wiping the floor with the crowd as support for the mighty UNSANE earlier this year we couldn´t hold back: This CD contains the songs of flu.ID’s previously released 10-inches on Interstellar Records and Modus Operandi Records – completely remixed and remastered and pimped-up with some electronic interludes and bonus tracks. “IOTS” thus can be seen as the band’s official debut album since the two 10-inches are not only completely sold out, but they also never received the blessings of a wide-ranged distribution. So here we are: flu.ID over the world!

1. ordinary different
2. necromancer
3. enthymem
4. new imperial sadism
5. pens are friends
6. idiots
7. estonia flutet die titanic
8. zuegli
9. b
10. strategy first
11. peace, love and empathy
12. ira
13. revelation
14. all i can give

Release Date: March 21st, 2008