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SPIRIT CARAVAN – Jug Fulla Sun (2LP)

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15 years Exile On Mainstream
15 years Jug Fulla Sun
15 years a friendship

What a coincidence! Not only shows the history of Exile On Mainstream a deep connection with Scott “Wino” Weinrichs CV, the album also marks somehow a starting point for the label as it got founded almost at the same time this album was released and label owner Andreas Kohl just had started working as a press rep for labels such as Dischord, Tolotta, Constellation, Southern Lord among others. Promoting this album was one of the first projects and the relationship between Wino and Andreas evolved into a deep friendship over times. Bringing the album home for a limited vinyl release means closing a circle.

Now the album finally sees a release on vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies and an additional edition of 99 copies in a handmade screenprinted cover.

Not much needs to be said about the content of this album and its place in music history. Marking the return of Wino after years in dark depression lead to by the demise of Saint Vitus and The Obsessed this album features all and everything what made the man a legend, stripped-down hybrid of biker rock and metal. Jug Fulla Sun shows Wino augmenting his trademark brand of doom-laden guitar work and slow-fuse vocal ferocity with greater lyrical depth and overall textural breadth. The songs are rich, refined, articulate, and created by a lifer, a true veteran of the hard music scene.

Wino has gone to great lengths here to subordinate his outlaw vision to a more expansive, comprehensive view of mankind, and of greater truths. The somewhat nebulous scope of his lyrics is enhanced by Lungfish vocalist/tattoo artist Dan Higgs’ cryptic cover painting.

For the vinyl re-release the artwork has been extended by a beautiful drawing of Mr. Roland Scriver of End Of Level Boss, Sloth and Serpent Venom fame now gracing the backcover of this extraordinnairy release. Side D contains a screenprint based on a drawing of Roland Scriver as well showing ravens resting on the icelandic rune “Helm Of Awe”. The insert contains drawings by the Icelandic artist Hildur Kristin Olafsdottir showing both the “Helm Of Awe” and “Wise” runes.

No remastering has been done to the original tracks but frequencies have been adjusted to fit a vinyl release, pressed on 180g pure virgin vinyl in an audiophile treatment to both lacqueurs and galvanics.

This double LP is meant to be special, it has been crafted with utmost dedication and love of a fan. It will only be available on Spirit Caravan’s European tour in June/ July 2014 with the leftovers being available here at the Exile On Mainstream webstore after the tour is over.

In the works is a special version housed in a beautiful gold/black screenprinted folder, limited to 99 units only. Stay tuned for details


Side A
1 Healing Tongue
2 Courage
3 Cosmic Artefact
4 Fear’s Machine
5 Powertime

Side B
1 Dead Love/ Jug Fulla Sun
2 Fang
3 Chaw
4 Melancholy Grey

Side C
1 Sea Legs
2 Kill Ugly Naked
3 Lost Sun Dance
4 No Hope Goat Farm

Side D

Release Dates

11 June 2014  Рavailable only on tour of the band
5 July 2014 – webshop availability (if stocks last)