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OBELYSKKH – The Providence


mainstream record eighty-one

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After the groundbreaking 3rd album ‘Hymn To Pan’’ Franconian Doomsters OBELYSKKH found themselves in an emotional turmoil involving different private focusses and even a line up change with bass player Dirty Dave leaving and being replaced by Seb Duster. All these ups and downs alongside the quite massive honesty and emotionality in OBELYSKKHs routines lead to a monstrous pressure which is sonically channeled into this album.

You can hear it: ‘The Providence’ lives by pressure, groove and darkness – the album sees OBELYSKKH leaving huge parts of their former approach behind. Less Psychedelic, more groove. No Stoner Rock but Doom par excellence – all shaped into a crushing maelstrom of utter heaviness.

The Providence was again recorded and mixed by Andy Naucke and mastered by the mighty Brad Boatright (Sleep, Tragedy, High On Fire, From Ashes Rise, Integrity among many others).

The album is released on CD, digital and 2LP, containing 3 sides. Side D contains an etching.

01 The Providence
02 Raving Ones
03 Northern Lights
04 NYX
05 Aeons Of Iconoclasm
06 Marzanna

Release Date

21 April 2017 (EOM webshop availability from 7 April 2017)





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