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SCISSORFIGHT- American Cloven Hoof Blues

mainstream record seven

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There is something amiss in the American wilderness. New Hampshire´s fighting sons over Europe to wreak havoc with their first release outside the US. 12 songs crammed full with tall tales of bravado, outlaws, wild boar, abductions, country living, fighting, murder & mayhem. A direct follow on from the back then critically acclaimed “Piscataqua” mini album, this record finds them working again with producer Craig Riggs (vocalist for fellow New England reprobates ROADSAW) to achieve a wrecking ball of hardcore rock & roll abandon.

Whilst the trademark sonic references to such bands as POISON IDEA, MSIFITS & CLUTCH are still there, at some points (especially on the made-for-radio “Up In The Country”) the ghost of America´s glorious past comes shining through (I´m talking everything from AEROSMITH & ZZ TOP here). This release was  released as a co-op between the UK based label Eccentric Man and us.

1. Helicopter Killing Cotton Mouth
2. Tempest Of Skulls
3. New Hampshire’s Alright If You Like Fighting
4. Proving Grounds
5. Cadaver Recovery Man
6. The Complete Outlaw
7. 1893
8. Mud & Guts
9. Cult Extraction
10. Up In The Country
11. Riot On The Village Green
12. Planet Of Ass

Release Date: March 28th, 2002