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TRICKY LOBSTERS – Worlds Collide


mainstream record eighty-two

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Rostock/ Germany based hard rockers TRICKY LOBSTERS continue their travels in a kind of western-driven, grande finale and face off in an epic clash of stories, riffs and drama. While the sky bis set to flames them and their crowd rise to chant hymns of transcendent blues dreams.

Engineered and produced by drummer Jörg Peters at Blue Hospital in Rostock in
2017, the three northerners follow diverse paths through rock history and its sounds and bind them together on Worlds Collide, their sixth official release to date – the band is in their 21st year of existence.

The alchemy behind their creations is a constant dichotomy, a collision, so to speak, between change and rebirth, taking in all the energy produced by such an approach.

With Worlds Collide, they once more present trademark groove and riffs, born from melodies and lyrics deeply rooted in old and recurring stories of love, dreams and deception. The record paints a vivid picture of their current world – and the one behind them.

Worlds Collide makes up a duel, a lullaby and a war cry


01 Bitter Man’s Fame
02 Battlefields
03 Big Book
04 Tarred Albino
05 Black & Blue
06 Father & Son
07 Dream Diver Pt. I+II
08 The Fire
09 Needs Must

Release Date

23 June 2017 (EOM webshop availability from 9 June 2017)