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VOLT – Romeo K.O.

mainstream record twenty

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We don´t wanna talk too much as this is about feelings! We kindly ask you to give this band a listen and tell us afterwards why we couldn´t resist to sign this band! Not offering them a contract wasn´t an option at all for us. You´ll find out. Promised. VOLT own us! Think Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Surgery to give you some house numbers… Tight as fuck and an amazing live band. They have been around for several years playing under the name Roerhedds.

Their live appearances include some biggies such as the WITH FULL FORCE FESTIVAL and a full European tour with NOXAGT… They have been touring their asses off over the last years not willing to record but staying a pure live band. We now convinced them to put out a record and we agreed a decent deal… Happy we are! So here is their first effort shaped to an EP. It features six tracks of meth-ladden noise rampage just as you like it! If not – don´t consider us as your friend! This is the real deal. VOLT pull out the debauchery of human existence wrapped in sound, inhuman vokills and blastin´ guitar action. Drums crush over you creating a deep impact. Of course this music got soul! VOLT got balls.

1. Al Salam
2. Graf Stoff
3. Almino
4. Wuux
5. Hulk & Lumpi
6. Mother’s Dick

Release Date: Sep. 5th, 2005