Arne Heesch interviewed by Wahrschauer, album up for pre-order

We are thrilled to present the first solo album by Arne Heesch (ex-Ulme, Treedeon), featuring Yvonne Ducksworth (Ex-Jingo de Lunch, Treedeon) on most of the songs.

History as they say unfolds in unexpected and sometimes mysterious ways, and it was no different for this album since most of the tracks on “Demons Are Scared” can be considered the founding basis for what later became Treedeon. The songs had been written way back, under the influence of Ulme’s breakup, inspired by the silence and reorientation as well as by the struggle with inner demons. Arne by that time was living a quiet life in a rural landscape in Northern Germany, but headed for Berlin, to move in with his new partner Yvonne. The dichotomy between pain resulting from ending a chapter in his life, and the hope for a new beginning, shaped the tracks in a constant flow between melancholic and hopeful approaches. With all this inspiration the songs kind of created themselves as Arne puts it today.

“Demons Are Scared” is a fully homegrown album, recorded by Ulf ‘Fluffi’ Reinhard mostly in Arne’s living room. Yvonne Ducksworth’s vocals are featured on most of the songs, as well as some additional guitar and keyboard work by Fluffi. The album was mastered by Exile-On-Mainstream-alumni Stefan Brueggemann.

Please watch an interview done by the great Janne Vuorela giving insights on the creation and content – the interview is in GERMAN language.

Preorders are available HERE.