EOM20 – the aftermath

We’ve done it! I’m writing these lines, still digesting and decompressing from the overload of emotions, impressions and pure bliss that did shine on us over the last 10 days. We will be forever grateful to the team, the bands and of course you all, the fans, without whom this would never be possible. You are heart and soul of this all!

Our EOM20 microsite as well as the shop are undergoing a small overhaul at the moment. We already have posted a lengthy retrospect and will add a gallery in the upcoming days with all the nice pictures and videos we got. Check back HERE often to get the latest updates.

Missed out on purchasing a shirt or the strictly limited Ostinato tape containing all three albums and thus every tracke ever released by the band? We have good news: leftover stock in limited amounts is now available in our webstore. This link gets you over there: https://shop.mainstreamrecords.de/product-tag/eom20