The Exile On Mainstream Road Show 2020




We are happy to announce a triumvirate of shows celebrating the Exile On Mainstream Family this upcoming April. Bringing back the vibe of our legendary Blisstrain tours, but in a more stripped-down version (hey, we also got families to feed now!) but in no less enthusiastic manner. Please be with us on these shows, celebrating the first release of our newest members, GHAFFA GHANDI alongside long-term acolytes such as KRISTIAN HARTING and DARSOMBRA, who both will be touring Europe in April/ May together. And the cream topping on it all are TOURETTE BOYS, bringing the Blooz! On the Berlin date we will be joined by TREEDEON as well making this a massive blast of emotion, riffage and a heartwarming tonal experience. So, mark your calendars and check back for updates on details for these gigs!

Thanks HEAPS to our man Conny Ochs, who once more delivered a stunning artwork and spiritual guidance!