THE MOTH sign to Exile on Mainstream!

Just as a good friend recently put it: “this band, with this line up and this sound – it was just a question of time until they land at your shores. They just belong to Exile On Mainstream.” The friend, Germany’s renowned Metal radio icon Jakob Kranz envisioned what we kinda felt but didn’t know. So did we finally achieve becoming a label that defines through a certain sound? Have we become so predictable? Not at all. I mean come on, THE MOTH might be a power trio with their sound deeply rooted in sludge, a woman on bass creating the most thundering base a lover of the heavy could wish for and they might share a certain approach to music and loving what they do with the likes of TREEDEON and MIGHT, but it’s not the sound. The Hamburg-based act got here based on the binding element in our universe: friendship.

I have said it before: we either are friends or we become it by working together. So, welcome to the tribe, THE MOTH! With three albums under their belt, all released by the fantastic brethren at This Charming Man, THE MOTH are no newbies and have honed their no-nonsense approach to SludgeMetalDoom on numerous tours and gigs. Their songs are virtually void of frills, instead opting to turn out hammer heavy drums and riff ready rock ’n’ roll. As brutal as it is bewitching.

With a fourth album in the making we are thrilled to welcome THE MOTH. Expect a release in September 2023 and mark the already announced gigs with THRONEHAMMER in your calendars. More news to come!


22/09/23 D Hamburg, Störtebecker (w/ Treedeon)

03/10/23 D Kiel, Alte Meierei (w/ Thronehammer)

04/10/23 D Hamburg, Fundbureau (w/ Thronehammer)

05/10/23 D Cologne, MTC (w/ Thronehammer)

06/10/23 D Wuerzburg, Immerhin

07/10/23 D Munich, Keep it Low Festival