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TREEDEON – Under The Manchineel

mainstream record eighty-three

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Back in 2015 we wrote: The signing of Treedeon adds a new, almost holistic way of incorporating a band in the Exile On Mainstream roster. It was stunning to see how the threepiece became what they are: one of Europes  most staggering outfits to lay pure emotional heavyness in sound and attitude over your maltreated souls

Another three years have now passed and almost exactly on the same date their sophomore album “Under The Manchineel” will see the light of day, again recorded in cold October days at Studio Wong. You can’t change a winning team one could say, but it would just be half the truth. They did change the team. Drummer Boomer left the band in 2017 and longtime-friend Andy from the postrock instrumental 2-piece outfit ALPHATRIP joined the fold pumping the skins with earthshattering enthusiasm.

Treedeon 2017 is a thunderous riffmachine taking the next step and cultivating the ground that they’ve been breaking over the past years. 7 new tracks deeply-rooted in Sludge, Noise and Doom while incorporating some unexpected melodies in the overall massive sound.

We repeat it here again: no heavier band on the planet right now.

01 Cheetoh
02 Death Of Ceres
03 Breathing A Vein
04 No Hell
05 Manchineel
06 Protoplanet
07 Wasicu

Release Dates:
23 February 2018 (webshop availability from 9 February 2018)



  • 25.08.2018 GER Bergen auf Rügen, Fette Ente im Krokoteich Festival

  • 07.09.2018 GER Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz (w/ Noisepicker & The Moth)

  • 08.09.2018 GER Leipzig, Worship The Riff Festival

  • 15.11.2018 GER Dresden, Chemiefabrik (w/ The Moth)

  • 16.11.2018 GER Nürnberg, Kunstverein (w/ The Moth)

  • 17.11.2018 GER Braunschweig, Nexus (w/ The Moth)

RELEASE  TREEDEON – Lowest Level Reincarnation