Sons of Alpha Centauri are the UK’s original instrumental stalwarts. Formed in 2001 they released their atmospheric and progressive debut to acclaim in 2007 and since then proceeded to develop their instrumental approach having been accepted and adopted by instrumental luminaries Karma to Burn and Yawning ManSOAC have released multiple split records, undertaken several collaborations and toured extensively with Karma to Burn since 2009 and have also formed Yawning Sons with members of Yawning Man. The collaboration heralded involvement from Scott Reeder (Kyuss), Wendy Rae Fowler (Queens of the Stone Age) releasing several albums to critical acclaim in 2009 and 2021 both widely referred to as cult classics.

SOAC returned in 2017 with their sophomore Continuum produced and engineered by Aaron Harris of ISIS/Palms and the sister release Buried Memories followed thereafter which was a remix collaboration album with Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh / Jesu.

After delivering PUSH, one the most critically acclaimed alternative metal albums of 2021 Sons of Alpha Centauri return fronted by cult emo icon vocalist Jonah Matranga from post hardcore legends Far and Gratitude for their upcoming fourth studio album entitled Pull.

Pull delivers a powerhouse of searing post hardcore, alternative metal and progressive dreamy riff rock providing the natural evolution of the 2021 seminal release Push while capturing both a renaissance of 90s post hardcore and a future take on atmospheric dream-metal.

Line Up:

Jonah Matranga – vocals
Marlon King – guitars
Nick Hannon – bass
Mitch Wheeler – drums
Stevie B – drums
Blake – effects


Sons of Alpha Centauri – Sons of Alpha Centauri (2007) – Studio album
Sons of Alpha Centauri / Treasure Cat (Karma to Burn) – Last Day of Summer (2009)
Yawning Sons (Yawning Man & Sons of Alpha Centauri) – Ceremony to the Sunset (2009)
Sons of Alpha Centauri / Karma to Burn – 3 x 7” splits / box set (2012 – 2017)
Sons of Alpha Centauri – Continuum – Studio album (2017)
Sons of Alpha Centauri – Buried Memories (2019) (Collaboration with Justin Broadrick)
Yawning Sons – Sky Island (2021)
Sons of Alpha Centauri – Push (2021)
Sons of Alpha Centauri – Pull (2024)

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI released the following records on Exile On Mainstream: