BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS from Rostock formed in 2004, established as a post-metal project filled with dark endless prog jams. The musicians also play in bands such as WOJCZECH, CONFUSION MASTER, and WHO’S MY SAVIOUR. After years of endless tours, serious mental breakdowns, and challenges, the power trio has now arrived in absolute darkness, with hypnotic sound loops, incredibly heavy drums, and impenetrable guitars, from which vocals emerge from somewhere deep down.

„Negotiate“ 3 Track Demo CDR, Sensitive Wormrile 2006
„S/T“ CD/ DVD Digi, 2 LP & DVD Gatefold, Wifagena Records 2008
„Tubes gave us Wings“ SPLIT CD/ LP Gatefold, Wifagena Records 2010
“Serpentine” LP/CD/Digital Wifagena Records 2013
“Ascend// Descend” Digital only soundboard recordings “serpentine” production Wifagena Records 2013
“Semper Eadem” LP/ Digital Sensitive Wormrile/ Wifagena Records 2020

Track „Shrapnel #6“ V/A „Nägel mit Köpfen“, LP , Festival Edition, 2009, Wifagena
Track „Negotiate“ V/A „Nägel mit Köpfen“, LP , Festival Edition, 2010, Wifagena
Track „Shrapnel #6/2“ V/A „Deutschland is Doomed“ Zine/ Digital, 2010, Doom Metal Front
Track „War Machine“ (KISS) V/A „Clone Comp. III“, 2011 Blind Date Records
Track „Worm“ V/A „Burn Out Comp“ CD/DVD Bad Acid Mag 10,11,12, Bad Acid Records 2011



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