With three albums under their belt, THE MOTH are no newbies and have honed their no-nonsense approach to SludgeMetalDoom on numerous tours and gigs. Their songs are virtually void of frills, instead opting to turn out hammer heavy drums and riff ready rock ’n’ roll – as brutal as it is bewitching. Since their acclaimed debut They Fall in 2013, the Hamburg heavy trio THE MOTH have regularly delivered tracks with a catchiness that is surprising for the genre. Kim Wilde meets Bolt Thrower, they call it themselves, or like a review for the last album Hysteria (2017) did put it: “pop music played with a bulldozer”. How appropriate!

Founded in 2012, the feedback on the first album They Fall was already quite enthusiastic. Right from the start, THE MOTH presented themselves as an international band that drew fans all over the world, from Tokyo to Vancouver. Between festival appearances at the Desertfests in London and Berlin, Stoned from the Underground, the Svart Festival Oslo, the Doom Over Vienna and the Riff Mass Brighton, two more albums were released in 2015 with And Then Rise and 2017 Hysteria.

On accompanying tours and shows throught Europe and the UK with, among others, TREEDEON, CONAN, EYEHATEGOD, CROWBAR, TORCHE and RED FANG THE MOTH left enthusiastic fans behind. Five years and one pandemic after its predecessor, The Moth’s fourth album Frost is released on Exile On Mainstream in 2023 2023 ‘FROST’ (LP, CD, MP3), Exile on Mainstream Records 2017 ‘HYSTERIA’ (LP, CD, MP3), This Charming Man Records 2015 ‘AND THEN RISE’ (LP, CD, MP3), This Charming Man Records 2013 ‘THEY FALL’ (LP, CD, MP3), This Charming Man Records

THE MOTH released the following record on Exile On Mainstream: