Rare is the occasion these days that we walk up to a show and witness a performance that’s completely unexpected, emotionally captivating and so intensely spiritual. All too often, we see a band regurgitate a sound and/or style that’s not only been done long before them, but clearly put across with much more aplomb.

And now here’s Conny Ochs, when we met him the first time he shattered that paradigm, delivering a heart-warming brise of emotional approach and honesty as we wouldn’t have expected to see in this life. No, we’re not saying, this is the newest of new music you can get out there. Quite the opposite to be straight up honest. Conny Ochs draws himself near the most primordial creation of music – with a pristine commitment to his own emotionality. What is channelled into his music, tone and lyrics is nothing but the truth. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes nasty, sometimes nice, sometimes begging, sometimes proud, sometimes cheerful, sometimes bitter, sometimes lost, sometimes found.

Conny Ochs hails from Germany and this is basically all you need to read about the man. The rest lies in his music.



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