CROWSKIN has been around since 2004. The Doom/Sludge quintet from Potsdam/Magdeburg/Zittau channels feelings such as anger, frustration, and fear into a dark concoction of downtuned guitars, deafening feedback, and dragging grooves. The goal: maximum catharsis. CROWSKIN emerges from the DIY hardcore underground scene. The members also play in bands like CYNESS, MIST, CHAINBREAKER, and BRINK OF DESPAIR. They gladly share the stage with like-minded and friendly spirits, valuing attitude over musical similarities.


Releases from CROWSKIN:

  • “Demo 2006” Tape/3″CD, self-released
  • Split LP withBLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, Vendetta Records, 2008
  • “Harmony of Life” 7″, Monocore Recordings, 2008
  • Split LP with BLACK FREIGHTER, Vendetta Records, 2009
  • Split-7″ with GOLDEN GORILLA, Decoy Industry, 2009
  • “Black Lava” LP/CD, Vendetta Records/Wolfbiker Records, 2011
  • “Ganz ins Herz” LP/CD, Per Koro/Wolfbiker Records/Ecocentric Records, 2015


  • Track “Supremacy” (or. CROSSED OUT) auf “A Fucking Tribute to Slap-A-Ham” LP, Fucking Kill Records/Sengaja Records, 2010
  • Track “I got Sabbath” (or. TRBNGR/BLACK SABBATH) auf “Clone – Play Slow, Die Fast III” LP, Blind Date Records, 2010
  • 4 Tracks auf “The Rot Box” 3×7″ , Fucking Kill Records 2013
  • Track “Hammerhead” (or. HELLHAMMER) auf “A Fucking Tribute to HELLHAMMER (Apocalyptic Punk Raids)”, Fucking Kill Records 2016
  • “VVolves” auf “Against the Pressure” LP, Solidarity Records 2023

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