“Gaffa Ghandi – a force, set to split the earth, to divorce your parents, to transform the liberal patience of your isolated world into a dance of joyfully delayed destruction.”


Formed in Dresden, Germany in the hot summer of 2011 from the remains of the seminal crossover/funk band BUSTED CHERRY the four-piece GAFFA GHANDI followed their inner calls and gravitated in a somewhat dadaistic approach towards off-kilter stoner rock, quivering psychedelic, instrumental rap metal in a prog-rock-like haze. A first demo was recorded and released in 2012, named “„Ich bewerbe mich bei Ihnen als Chef, denn ich will das machen, was mir Spaß macht“ (english: ‘I submit my application for the job as boss because I want to do what seems to be the most fun’).

As you probably have figured by now, there is some ambivalence in taking themselves not too serious but their creation much more. As with most bands who really mean it their approach and class was shaped firstly by playing live as much as possible and the boys shared the stage with acts like ELDER, ROTOR, WEEDPECKER, TSCHAIKA 21/16, MARS RED SKY, BULBUL, THE GRAND ASTORIA, MORKOBOT, COOGANS BLUFF among others. One can figure the coincidence, eh?

GAFFA GHANDI set out in finding the right balance between sheer heaviness and keeping the waggish sense of humour alive driving their music. In 2015 half of the band relocated to Berlin and helped shaping the sound further as influences from both cities’ vibrant but different underground music scenes merged together. The same year saw the self-release of the CD “Record Of Success” and one year later a split-EP “Folter & Strafe” (english: Torture & Punishment) with TOURETTE BOYS on Setalight Records.

By being part of the Exile On Mainstream Family for while through shared vision, likeminded approach and shows done together it was about time to welcome GAFFA GHANDI to the fold with the 2020 release “Artificial Disgust”.

GAFFA GHANDI released the following album on Exile On Mainstream on 24 April 2020: