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One and a half year after his sophomore album “Black Happy” Conny Ochs returns with two new songs and an outtake of the “Raw Love Songs” sessions carved into a beautiful and ancient format, the 7inch. The single is released to accompany a tour in November 2014 Conny will perform together with soul-and labelmates Kristian Harting and Friedemann.

The 3tracker will only be available on this tour and in the Exile On Mainstream webshop and is limited to 300 copies only.

Conny Ochs once again reveals his capability to channel emotions into beautifully crafted songs deeply rooted in the tradition of great songwritership. This time his endeavours although don’t remain focussed on a strip-down-to-the-max attitude but bear tribute to some great melodies backed by wider percussion. Taking in influences from various traditions such as Irish Folk and Ragtime Conny sets pace for a new vision to be incorporated in two new albums to see light of day in 2015 – a new album by himself and the long awaited sophomore release by Wino And Conny Ochs, called “Foundation Conspiracy” (yess, it’s coming in early 2015!)



Conny Ochs, Friedemann, Kristian Harting live 2014

Exile On Mainstream & Rügencore Records present:




Live 2014

Some things might have been written about Friedemann, Conny Ochs and Kristian Harting in the past few months. No wonder, since all three have just recently released new albums on your favourite label. But what really seems to combine all three is the mention of authenticity and honesty almost everywhere we had the pleasure of seeing their music being discussed. Happy we are now for being able to present you this tour of Friedemann, Conny Ochs and Kristian Harting. Their musical endeavours might differ but rarely have we seen such a perfect match of attitudes. Expect an evening of pure greatness and don’t miss these fine men laying some emotional sounds over your soil:



Inspired by sufi-music, mali-blues, western low-fi pop and avant-garde, Danish-born Kristian Harting composes songs using his guitar, voice, circuit-bending and effects – pushing to create sounds that are gritty and noisy yet beautiful – culminating in diverse electronic and acoustic trips. He positions his attitude and approach as “a spiritual journey as well as a physical one“, Harting continues to embellish, “it is my way of communicating freely and truthfully and articulate the ever-changing waves of confusion, emotions, ideas, people, power and surroundings, that is my life.


While he is rolling a wreath of songs off his tongue, Friedemann extols an attitude in songwriting that leaves behind your traditional narrative approach and meta-level storytelling. In Friedmann, we don’t have a singer/songwriter who remains on the safe side while taking a third-person perspective rather, he almost radically unsheathes his own soul and life history into the lyrics. There aren’t many songwriters in music history who we could name with a comparably distinct attitude – Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake or Sixto Rodriguez would be the only ones coming to mind.

“Friedemann is capable of great tenderness and expression but a background in punk means plenty of bite behind his words, even if the direction is more inwards and experiential than a violent kicking out at the system. It’s folk, rock, blues and bluegrass as run through the eyes, ears, throat and hands of a lone German with a lack of restraint in gradually unravelling his inner workings.” (THE SLEEPING SHAMAN)


Conny bears his soul with raw emotion, combining his beguiling vocal and melodic guitar style. What is channeled into his music, tone and lyrics are indisputable personal truths, the kind that are deeply rooted in the blackened parts of the human soul. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes nasty, sometimes nice, sometimes begging, sometimes proud, sometimes cheerful, sometimes bitter, sometimes lost, sometimes found. Conny Ochs’ music ultimately draws upon a tradition and history of great acoustic craftsmanship created by some of America’s finest songwriters (though not restricted to the American continent). Through that inspiration especially, Conny explores the realms of how your inner self can be sonically portrayed, once you are on your own and armed with only a guitar and your voice. Yes, this musical path is a well trodden one, but it isn’t worn out yet and Conny walks the road in his own wholehearted way.

„Something about his music pulls you in and makes it hard for you to want to leave…“ (TERRORIZER)

„It´s when Ochs is at his most vulnerable when he is best able to provide a genuine sense of catharsis and wonder.“ (ROCK-A-ROLLA)



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SPIRIT CARAVAN – Jug Fulla Sun 2LP in stock!


Ladies & Gentlemen,

we have now both regular versions of the SPIRIT CARAVAN Jug Fulla Sun 2LP in stock! Please accept our apologies for being a bit later than planned with the tour leftover stock but we are happy to report that the 2nd pressing got in earlier than expected, so we can offer both versions simultaneously and leave the choice up to you. the 1st pressing contains a screenprinted D-side and we have app. 40 copies left. 2nd pressing to contain the same drawing on side D but etched. Both versions are housed in identical outer sleeves w/ DL code and insert. 1st pressing LPs are packed in polylined black inner sleeves, 2nd pressing in natural “kraftpak” inner sleeves. 1st pressing stickered with an orange oval sticker, 2nd pressing with a green round sticker. Both versions are gorgeous and I couldn’t decide myself which one to prefer. The etched version is tough to photograph, though. So please be assured it looks much better than the shitty cell phone pic below. I’m rotating my head already what we’re gonna do for the 3rd pressing, haha.

Anyway, for the time being both items are ONLY available for NON-USA customers. US residents please DO NOT ORDER! Our system will let you order the item as we can’t exclude single items from certain territories. Although we will NOT ship and will need to reimburse costs if you pay via PayPal. Please have us not going through that hassle! We have agreed with the band to approach this release in a fair manner and split territories. The band will sell the item themselves in the US. Stock is on the way to the new world and we will inform you as soon as it arrives and where to order. You have been waiting for this for 15 years and we hope you can accept another 2-3 weeks. Sorry nevertheless for massaging your patience!

Buy this album on 2LP (NON-US customers ONLY!!!):

D-side screen edition

D-side etched edition


FRIEDEMANN – 1st video! (feat. Conny Ochs)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

here it is – the first video for the forthcoming album by FRIEDEMANN – Uhr vs. Zeit.

YouTube Preview Image

This song is taken from the forthcoming album

FRIEDEMANN – Uhr vs. Zeit

Release Date: 16 May 2014

What shall be written about a record that bears reasons for its release as well as the biographical truth that lead to its creation within every song? What can be said about an album that comes in with an urgency and life-saving appearance to its creator like this album? Well, almost nothing I’d say other than that I feel honoured and happy to be able to release the first solo album of one of my best friends – Friedemann, well known as shouter of the German hardcore outfit COR. Friedemann has been part of my own, my family’s, my friends’ and the label’s life for over 10 years now and I was eagerly awaiting the moment when he would be ready and done to come up with a solo album, revealing his unique soul and approach to music and content. Now the time has come.

“Uhr vs. Zeit” is an album full of honesty, wisdom and poetry, fuelled by experience and a life lived by and beyond the limits. The songs colour an approach to storytelling in its truest sense, sung and harmonized in his native language, German, but so deep and soulful that everyone will be able to relate and feel.

While he is rolling a wreath of songs off his tongue, Friedemann extols an attitude in songwriting that leaves your traditional narrative approach and meta-level storytelling behind. We don’t have a singer/songwriter here who remains on the safe side while taking a 3rd-person perspective but almost radically unsheathes his own soul and CV into the lyrics. There isn’t many songwriters in music history who we could name with a comparably distinct attitude – Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake or Sixto Rodriguez would be the ones coming to mind only. 

The album itself has been recorded and produced by Friedemann himself with help from friends like Janko Moede, Conny Ochs, who lends guitar and vocals to the track “Vogel”, partners in COR such as guitarist Pilse, bassist Matze and drummer Johannes.

Stay tuned for further announcements here!




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