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Friedemann and Conny Ochs to celebrate their new releases together

Jede Zeit hat ihre Stimmen, ihre Sänger, die in ihren Liedern ihrer Zeit eine neue Fassbarkeit verleihen, und uns erkennen lassen, was wir damit zu tun haben und dass wir alle mittendrin sind.

Das erste Soloalbum von Friedemann, dem Sänger der Punk-Band COR, “Uhr vs. Zeit” (2014) handelte nicht nur davon, sondern ist eines jener selten zeitlosen Meisterwerke, in denen Individuum und Gesellschaft, persönliches Schicksal und soziales Geschehen, Metaebene und Mikrokosmos zu wunderbarer Musik zusammenfließen. Da hat jemand seine Stimme gefunden.

Diese Stimme hat Friedemann auf “Wer hören will muss schweigen” weiter ausformuliert – mehr Rhythmen, mehr Freude, mehr Melodien, mehr Themen, neue Gedanken, in denen neue Wege und Rückbesinnung, Eigentümlichkeit und Verantwortungsbewusstsein, Anderssein und Gemeinschaft sich nicht länger ausschließen müssen.

Auch hier wieder: das Leben.

Von ihm singt er in all seiner Vielfalt – weil er es liebt und weiß, dass jeder von uns es zumindest mögen sollte, alles andere wäre ungesund, oder nicht? Und das Leben, das Friedemann führt, straft seine Lieder keine Lügen, sondern verleiht ihnen Tiefe, die man spüren kann, ohne von seinem Leben zu wissen.

„Wer hören will muss schweigen“ wurde im Spätsommer 2015 im Schrathaus Greifswald und im La Grange in Bergen auf Rügen von Janko Möde aufgenommen und von Dirk Burke gemischt und gemastert. Das Artwork stammt von Conny Ochs, das Layout von Andreas Kohl. Auf dem Album hört man Judith und Gunnar (Dritte Wahl) im Duett mit Friedemann und wie immer wird er unterstützt von Matthias Arndt (Bass) und Janko Möde (Gitarre+Percussion).

Vom 28.01.2016 bis zum 20.03.2016 ist Friedemann zusammen mit Matthias Arndt (Bass) und Janko Moede (Gitarre+Percussion) in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz auf Konzertreise und stellt sein neues Album “Wer hören will muss schweigen” vor. In Zwei Stunden werden auch einige COR Klassiker und Lieder von Friedemanns erstem Album “Uhr vs. Zeit” die Konzertabende abrunden.


KRISTIAN HARTING Releases “Temporary Rooms Video” From Summer Of Crush LP

Album Out Next Week Via Exile On Mainstream

Denmark’s charismatic experimental soloist, KRISTIAN HARTING, will see the release of his second full-length solo album, Summer Of Crush, through Exile On Mainstream in just one week. As a primer for the LP’s street date, the artist has just completed a new video for the album’s sprawling “Temporary Rooms” video, which has been made available to the public.


While wholly cathartic and calming, there is an underlying sadness and tension to the works of Danish singer/songwriter KRISTIAN HARTING; as one is serenaded by his unique musical compositions and magnetic vocals, a constant harrowing sense of ill misfortune seems at hand. Such is the case with the first video for his Summer Of Crush sophomore album, as “Temporary Rooms” takes the viewer on a soaring journey through nature, exploring simply implausibly beautiful facets of the surface of our planet, yet as the lyrics progress with the video, slowly but surely, the natural landscapes shown in the video are steadily impeded by signs of human civilization. Created by HARTING’s comrade Rich Williams, the video shows meager farming communities leading to roads which eventually intertwine with highways, which lead to cities, and once tranquil fields are now packed with SUV’s parked in front of superstores, as serene natural settings have been uprooted for mankind’s expansion.

Also from Summer Of Crush, hear “Ship Of Fools” RIGHT HERE and the LP-opening “Traveller” HERE.

Expanding on the ethereal songwriting deeply inspired by Western lo-fi pop, Mali blues and avant-garde folk founded on his 2014-released debut solo LP, Float, on Summer Of Crush, KRISTIAN HARTING channels his thoughts through a self-described, “Motown meets metal meets Morricone” songwriting process. Armed with his guitars, loop pedals, a foot-operated synth and analogue electronics, the artist wrote, performed and recorded all twelve new tracks on his own. Recalibrating his works towards a more pop-orientated approach, the resulting album oscillates between melancholic dreamscapes, swells of articulate outpourings and synth-laden shamanic dance tracks.

Summer Of Crush is set to be released via Exile on Mainstream on CD, LP and digital platforms worldwide next Friday, October 30th. Physical orders are available already HERE and HERE.

KRISTIAN HARTING was handpicked by Matthew E. White as direct support for two shows later this month, in Aarhus on October 27th and Copenhagen the 28th, and just a few days later will celebrate his own record release show for Summer Of Crush in Copenhagen on Halloween, October 31st. Additional performances and tour dates will be announced in the near future.

27.10.2015 DK Aarhus, Voxhall w/ Matthew E. White
28.10.2015 DK Copenhagen, Vega w/ Matthew E. White
31.10.2015 DK Copenhagen, 100 Blomster  * Summer Of Crush release fest


BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS Finish Recording Of Miserable Fourth Studio Full-Length

Vile, German sludge/doom kingpins, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, have just finished recording and mixing of their fourth full-length studio album. The beast will be called Carrier, and is almost fifty minutes long, boasting six massive tracks including a Hellhammer cover. The record is currently being mastered by the uber-fantastic Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and will be finalized for release through your loved ones from Exile On Mainstream in the Spring of 2016 on CD and 2xLP.

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS vocalist Malte Seidel issued a statement on the experience of recording the album, “Carrier is the result of a band being in a constant state of deterioration. Doing a record is a very unpleasant and harmful process for us. Creating Negative Black already was a nightmare, but with Carrier the understanding of the term nightmare needs to be expanded. This is not being said to play the ‘tension and dissent create great art’ card. This album is not art. This album is not musicianship. This album is simply the album that we were able to do under the current circumstances while sometimes asking ourselves if a split-up would not be the better option. The final mix of Carrier is done at the moment.”

The BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS horde will celebrate its tenth anniversary as a unit on November 4th and 5th, 2015 in their hometown of Mannheim, with a special event called B.SON Fest which will feature extensively devastating sets from the band both nights. Further lineup includes ULTHA, SUNS OF ATACAMA, WHALERIDER, GALLONS OF MUD. Additional lineup and event details will be announced alongside more details on the band’s dismal upcoming studio massacre at a later date. Diehards of the scathing, scummy works of Grime, Whitehorse, Graves At Sea, labelmates Obelyskkh and other downtuned, slug-paced sonic decimation stay tuned.

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS’ second proper LP, Negative Black, is available in CD and 2xLP packages via Exile On Mainstream on 2xLP HERE and on CD HERE.  In the Americas please procced to the fine folks at Earsplit Distro HERE.


CONNY OCHS Checks In From Kabumm Studio Sessions

…as third solo LP takes shape

Our dear CONNY OCHS is currently holed up in the studio, immersed in the process of creating his third solo LP, which will see release in the coming months, once again through Exile On Mainstream Records.

Following years of performing with rock, metal and alternative bands, CONNY OCHS began producing his own solo material in the new millennium, which showed the artist drawing heavy influence from great American rock and folk singer/songwriters like Woodie Guthrie, Vic Chesnutt, Bob Dylan and others. Yet through his mix of acoustic and electric guitars and the occasional solitary bass drum thump, CONNY bears one of the most incredible voices out there; a soulful and dynamic clean style that invokes incredibly emotive feelings from the listener, from absolute joy through the simple things life offers, or of purely melancholic end-time inner blues.

CONNY OCHS has returned to Studio Kabumm in rural Golzow, Germany, once again with producer/engineer/studio owner Thommy Krawallo, where his lauded sophomore album, Black Happy and both of his collaborative albums with Scott “Wino” Weinrich were created in full analog fashion. With virtually no specific details on his impending third solo outing available, the artist checks in from the studio with a bit of insight on the current recording sessions.

“Sun is bright at six after yesterday’s rain. It´s crashing in. I can´t sleep; tried a few times but now I got up and sit outside Thommy´s place where yesterday we started recording.

I am full of bits and pieces, burning, some others cool me, too. They all came a long way to hang with me here, now, in the glassy morning. My friend Andreas asked me if I know how we will turn out here, with the album and all… I don´t. But I feel it´s the place and time to be, as we jump into it. Let´s make it ten good songs. That sounds right. Hey, just let it come, my friend would say.

I made coffee; as soon as Thommy wakes up we start rolling again. I miss you all. You´re with me here.

Love, Conny”